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Anthony Davis, cochlear implant wearer:
Jason Bergman, Marketing & Development Manager for Mother of Mercy Campus of Care, Albany, MN:
Mary kay Feltes, Director, Owatonna Public Library, Owatonna, MN:
Normally I would have struggled to hear what was going on. The inductive loop was amazing because it allows a person to hear as if they were one foot away, opposed to 20-30 feet away. It allows you to catch everything going on.
MN Hearing Loops takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients.  Each hearing loop is a custom designed system that exceeds expectations. 

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
During our Friday afternoon entertainment, we had a family group performing with 8 or 10 kids, all with banjos & fiddles. One resident, using a loop listener for the first time, was so excited she almost jumped out of her wheel chair. I came running over thinking she might be having a seizure. It was just her, dancing to the music. It was really, really beautiful.
We run a film series twice a month and I have heard several times from our customers that they really enjoy the system. They would, frankly, much rather attend movies here than in our local movie theater because they are able to hear so well.
Linda, part time employee at the Owatonna Public Library, Owatonna, MN:
They installed a loop system in the Gainey Room here at the library, where they have meetings and show movies. One day I started the movie without having the T-coils [in my hearing aids] turned on. I thought there was no sound in the movie until I turned them on. Then I realized that in the movie, it was raining, and there was sound with the rain. 
Adam Muhle, Bethel Lutheran Church:
We started with a different company and they just weren't working out for us. They couldn't get it to work, that sort of thing. Eventually we got in touch with Minnesota Hearing Loops. The difference between working with them and previous company was like night and day....It's just phenomenal, their passion to do it right and have us be happy with what we have.
Pastor Tony Bertram, St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
Some of our lip readers have said that when the Pastor is facing away during the prayers, they're ever able to hear the prayers in church. Now for the first time they can hear and understand everything the pastor is saying....It's really, I think, been a blessing to our people.
Dan Maday, cochlear implant wearer, who attended a meeting at the Gainey Meting Room at the Owatonna Public Library:

Normally I would have had to rely on the CART System (Communications Access Real-Time Translation). But today, I did not need it because of the loop system.