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“Live music was perfectly clear, perfectly clean 
and incredibly rich. 
New York Times

“The technology transforms garbled PA sounds 
into clear announcements...Wow, what a 
National Public Radio

“It’s the equivalent of a wheelchair ramp for 
people who used to be socially isolated because 
of their hearing loss.”
New York Times

“Some are averse to using earphones previously 
worn by others. Installed hearing loops enable 
people to use their own devices discreetly.”
Scientific American
Loop System
Hearing loop systems provide the best 
listener experience of any hearing solution — 
a direct connection between hearing aids and 
the sound source. 

Also called an induction loop, these systems 
provide the lowest maintenance cost and 
lowest cost per user of any advanced hearing 

What is a Loop System?
Info courtesy of Dr. Juliette Sterkens, AuD

A hearing loop helps persons hear sounds 
from an audio system directly and clearly in 
their hearing aids, because it reduces or cuts 
out background noise.

A hearing loop provides a wireless signal, 
called an induction loop, that is picked up by 
the hearing aid when it is set to ‘T’ (Telecoil) 
setting. The loop system consists of a 
microphone to pick up the spoken word; an 
amplifier which processes the signal; and the 
loop cable, a small wire placed around the 
perimeter of an area.

Hard of Hearing in Minnesota
Minnesota’s seven-county metro area is home 
to more than 2.5 million people. One in five 
has hearing loss. The number of people with 
hearing loss is expected to double by 2019.

According to Hearing Review Products, 
hearing loop systems are supported by all 38 
models of in-the-ear hearing aids and 29 of 30 
conventional behind-the-ear models

Alternate Listening Devices
Many public places in Minnesota offer 
assistive listening devices (ALDs), which 
beam infrared or FM signals to special 
headsets or neck loops that must be 
borrowed from a service desk. 

Rarely, however, are existing ALD receivers 
checked out and used—most people are 
either unaware of their availability, unwilling to 
fuss with the hassle, or averse to being 

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